› what is tgirlnation?

tgirlnation is a party for tgirls, their friends, admirers, and anybody else who can put up with us.

› why tgirlnation?

This is our time, and we are no longer invisible.

This is our space.  We can go out to gay places, we go out to straight places, but it is also nice to have a place where we are not just welcomed, but actually celebrated and adored.  This is tgirlnation.

This is about making a scene and being seen.  Hiding from the world sends all the wrong signals.   There is nothing to hide.  There is no shame in being us, nor being with us.  Only joy.  Hello, world. We are right here.

›  what should I wear to tgirlnation?

Girls:  dress to impress, tastefully

Guys:  smart casual will do (jeans/khakis, a collared shirt and shoes), but we also like it when you guys dress up!

› what is a tgirl?

Born anatomically male, but presents female, at least part of the time.  Some of us dress very occasionally.  Others dress full-time and take hormones.  Most are something in between.  But we are all birds of a feather.

›  tgirlnation decorum

We're just like any cross section of women.  We come in all shapes, sizes and ages.   Some are romantically interested in gentlemen, others in ladies, many in both, and many are already spoken for.  But all of us, whatever our ages, interests, and attitudes, all like to be treated like ladies; because that is what we are; we are not drag queens, or guys in dresses, and this is not a costume.  So, gentlemen, just treat us like any other lady, as you would want your mother, sister or daughter to be treated.  And, ladies, just be the lady that you are.