Greetings, nation.  For those visiting for the first, time, tgirlnation is a party for tgirls, their friends, admirers, and anybody else who can put up with us.   tgirlnation events are open to all - no membership or cover required - as always, just be nice!

›  tgrilnation still on hold!  let's stay alive!  we will do     this again someday on the other side of this!

yes, I've been pretty quiet in 2020

it's just not safe to have a party the way I like to have a party.  I want to hug everyone, breathe on everyone, bump into everyone, smile, sweat, dance, and drink.  Can't do that on Zoom.

but I don't want anyone to get sick over a party.  Parties will come back, and we will do this again when it is safe