Greetings, nation.  For those visiting for the first, time, tgirlnation is a party for tgirls, their friends, admirers, and anybody else who can put up with us.   tgirlnation events are open to all - no membership or cover required - as always, just be nice!

›  next saturday dance party on October 11, 2014

The next saturday dance party will be on October 11, 2014,  9:30pm-???? at Hoang's Grilll & Sushi Bar, 502 W. Broad St., Falls Church, VA 22046. As most of you are aware, Hoang's serves delicious Vietnamese, Sushi and Pan-Asian cuisine, and an expansive list of beverages at reasonable prices, all in a beautiful atmosphere.  Yes, we take the place over after 10:00.  

›  next thursday social on  September 11, 2014

The next thursday social will be on September 11, 2014,, 8:00pm-???? at Bar Rouge, in the Hotel Rouge, 1315 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20036.  Come have a cocktail with us in this diva-worthy modern lounge.   Note the NEW STARTING TIME.  I've noticed that no one is ever there at 7, but the parties always seem to finish strong, so let's start at 8 instead.

›  save the date:  saturday December 13, 2014

There will also be a saturday dance party on December 13, 2014,  9:30pm-???? at Hoang's Grilll & Sushi Bar.  I know the holiday season can be busy for everyone, so a little advanced planning never hurts.